A New Zealand Wilderness Experience - Takaputahi Ventures
Trout Fishing

Put yourself in the picture,  just you and the river !!

Takaputahi Ventures present you with the opportunity to fish two beautiful rivers in a remote valley of the Raukumara Ranges, East Cape, North Island, just a half hour flight from Rotorua.

The rivers are shingle bottom and crystal clear, with both deep pools and fast runs. Trout can be clearly spotted in the quieter water from the banks, providing exciting stalking and fishing. The Trout average 5-7lb. With some in double figures. This is wilderness fishing at its' best.

Stay in our comfortable Cabin (adjacent to the main river) with all amenities.  The Cabin has 3 bunkrooms, and a dining/lounge area.   The open fire at night provides warmth and with the lamplight creates real backcountry atmosphere.

 A guest with a 6.5 brown trout

Other activities include:- Bushwalks with the chance to sight wild game. (Deer, Pigs, etc.) Kayaking and Rafting. 

All transport arranged if required.  

Bookings essential.


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  Your Guides to Tramping and Fishing :  Barry Jarvis & Steven Jarvis

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